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    A new client told me 'I think I'm getting customers despite my copy, not because of it'.


    The general idea of his offer was fantastic. So, some visitors were willing to gamble that it was worth buying. But, many weren't quite convinced by the details, making excuses like 'it's too expensive' and vanishing like yesterday's pizza.


    So, we rewrote the page. This focused on spelling out exactly why his product is an ideal way for users to overcome their current obstacles.


    As a result, he went from getting new paid subscribers every few weeks to every couple of days.


    Or in other words...if your sales are growing but you think focused copy could kick your funnel up a gear, you're in the right place.

  • why the words aren't my priority

    My mechanical engineering background means I view all challenges as puzzles. With copywriting, the task is to find how your offer fits in to solve the prospect's frustrations, then explain that connection. To do this I use the following stages:

    Pinpoint your paying prospects

    This is way more than just demographics. We want to know aspects like:

    • how they think about the issue 
    • what's stopping them from fixing it
    • what they've tried already

    so we can understand how you fit in. This is typically done by talking to you and your existing customers to find the subtle details.


    (Note: If your customer identity is as vague as a glovemaker selling to 'humans with hands', we need to talk.)

    Decide how you actually help

    You might have 100 benefits, but 99 of them won't matter.


    Having decided the prospect's biggest issue, we want to pinpoint the crucial way you fix it. This becomes your central benefit around which the copy is structured.

    You can then frame the details of your offer as how you deliver this central promise in the best way.

    Writing simple words that convert

    The aim of my writing is to communicate this idea of how you help. With the clarity from the first two steps, we can jump straight to the heart of the matter.

    Instead of '10x your sales and crush it!' style hype, we can make it super clear how you solve the reader's exact problem.


    It's not about tricking them into buying, it's about helping them see your value.

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