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How My Small Comment Blew a Redditor's Mind

aka including empathy in writing

The Request...

Well I was browsing Reddit one evening when I flicked onto r/startups. There was a request for feedback that immediately caught my attention

Too few people are making it past the home page. Any ideas why? What suggestions would you have to encourage people to browse the site more?

This immediately jumped out at me as either being a weakness in the design or the copy, so I took a look.

The Headline...

So the very first line stood out as being written by a programmer. As a former engineer I know that we're very good at making awesome stuff, but the whole relating to other people skill sometimes takes a bit more effort.  I immediately saw this as a cause for the following heading

Worried that you're not getting the best price possible on Amazon?

Now as an average Amazon shopper, I'd take the guess that my answer of 'umm, no' is normal. So here was my question to the site owner that apparently blew his mind

How much do you suspect most of your visitors know about how Amazon does it's pricing?

Empathy 101

My challenge to the Redditor was to actually consider the state of mind that a visitor might have, the annoyances they might have when using Amazon, and then rewriting the site to match that frame of mind.

Top kudos to them, the site has now been completely revamped to include visuals of these price variations, and instead open with a much more tantalising question

Now my reaction is 'no, but please tell me more!' due to a simple reframing of the offer, followed by a simple explanation to help enlighten me. How much more enticing does that seem to you than the original opening?

I could go on about consider your visitor's state of mind for way too long, so feel free to get in touch if you want me to check if there's anything you're missing

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