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How prospects thanked us for interviewing them...

Or as I call it, win-win market research

I'll give you a hint; they didn't realise it was research.

Researching a drone course

Kristian, a very friendly Dutchman, had hired me to write his copy.

He wanted to launch a course teaching drone video skills. It sounded great, but I wanted to make sure it matched what potential customers wanted.

We could have done the usual survey, but I prefer to get on a call. That way it's possible to nudge them for more details, digging into the heart of the matter.

Crafting an offer they'll jump at

Crafting an offer they'll jump at

Saying 'we want to perform interviews on amateur drone photographers' didn't feel compelling. Instead, I wanted to craft a reason to join the call that prospects would jump at.

So, we decided to offer some free mini lessons. Kristian sent it out with a message about wanting to give back to his subscribers, and we soon had a bunch of sign ups.

Some sneaky small talk

When playing Go, I learnt that every stone must have at least two motives. Here we had three:

  • Discover what they wanted to learn.
  • Find out who they are and their motivations.
  • Create some early fans.

The tricky one was the motivations. It would've felt weird to jump into 'would you mind if we ask you some marketing questions?'.

Our challenge was to make it feel natural. I decided that everyone likes to know you care about who they are, so I planned out some smalltalk questions.

Learning all about them

As we expected, nobody complained when we started the call with an informal 'so, what's your story when it comes to drones?'. Questions like 'cool, and is there anything in particular you're working towards?' also felt totally relevant for us to ask before a lesson.

It was fantastic, everyone chatted away telling us exactly the details we needed. For example, the concern of their footage not looking professional kept coming up.

Kristian was able to tweak his planned content based on what they'd asked him. Meanwhile, I could feed their desires into the copy and to inform relevant image choices.

The before-and-after of the homepage

Takeaway: what would make your customers jump on a call?

Yes, you could bribe customers to talk to you with discounts. But come on, you can do better!

Is there anything that would make them go 'damn, I'd love to talk to you about that?'. It could be a live onboarding call to get them going, speaking to an adviser about best practices, or some other knowledge locked in your head.

Sounds too easy, right?

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