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My Five Questions to Ask Yourself When Writing Web Content

Taken from the questionnaire I send clients

Now I know you respect your customers' time, so make sure reading your website isn't like trying to solve a mystery. Below are five key questions to ask yourself to help with your copy

How would you describe what your business offers?

Keep this both specific and jargon-free. This should be understandable by someone outside your industry, so pretend you're describing the product or service to your aunt/uncle.

Who is your ideal client? 

Don't generalise this. Details can include what's driven them to you today, their industry experience/subsection, the benefits they're looking for, how they're different from their peers etc. Don't just say ‘a startup founder’, instead refine this to ‘a startup founder who is now breaking even, so wants to reinvest in their online-business to really boost their revenue’

Can you detail why your product/service is different from your competitors?

i.e, why your customers should choose you. Again, concrete specifics are better than meaningless ‘we’re highly innovative’ style declarations. To help, use the same trick of making sure your aunt/uncle would nod in understanding. Try to finish the sentence 'unlike our competitors, we.......'

What are your main features and benefits?

This is what you do, and why your customer should care in terms of immediate and higher level outcomes. As a helpful format try writing ‘we will ____ so that you __, leading to __’, or just keep asking yourself why they should care about your previous statement

You don't want visitors to just nod and leave. What's your desired outcome?

If they don't know the next step, they're not gonna do it. #if you want them to request a quote, join your newsletter, tweet you a selfie with their dog etc, you're gonna have to ask them

BONUS: Can you gain any insights from customer feedback/testimonials?

This can be yours or your competitors! Look for anything they say that answers the above questions, and swipe the language they used to do so

With these answers in hand, go revise your website. Ideally, you should have it that your visitors could instinctively answer the above questions themselves.

I hope that these are helpful, please drop in a comment if anything's unclear or if you have a question.

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