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[Video Lesson] How to Write Compelling Case Studies

As a Friday experiment, here's a 3min lesson on writing relatable case studies. �It casts your customer as the star, with their story told using the hero's journey format.

After recording it, I realised I should have included a complete example. So this would be Sarah The Dragonslayer's story, aimed at persuading other potential monster hunters to shop at Merlin's Magical Armory.

Sarah was the best fighter in the village, so the elders called upon her when a dragon started terrorising them each night.

You know the type, big claws, fire breathing, kind of arrogant.

But she knew she couldn't take on a dragon with her bare hands, so she started searching for some equipment. After a few dead ends, she discovered Merlin's Magical Armory. 

She was immediately impressed with the salespeople, who were all veteran monster-hunters with the scars to prove it. With their guidance, she armed herself with our top fire-resistant sword & shield.

[training montage/photo]​

Having trained with our in-house instructors, she then ventured off to the dragons lair. After a long hike, she arrived armed to face the challenge

[Photo of Sarah fighting the dragon with her sword and shield]​

Using our special flame-reflecting magic, her shield allowed her to get up close to the dragon. She dodged through the claws until in reach of its belly, where her sword - reinforced during forging by unicorn laughter - was able to pierce its scales and bring down the beast.

[photo of the celebration with her equipment hanging on the wall]​

Battle-weary, she returned to the village where the men & women celebrated her success. Finally, without the fear of nightly terror, she was able to get a peaceful sleep

So there you go, my rapid guide to laying out a case study!

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